Wednesday, November 2, 2016


" Back from reality "

1st November 2016

GOSH. HI. I've been away for so long! I've totally abandon my site because I felt I needed to get away from my blogging and keep on accumulating better ideas to keep improving. 

Time has flew so fast till in the 5 months of being away, I got a few mini success that I've accomplished and I don't even know where to start till even my typing seems dry ( can't type as fast as usual LOL ) But I'll just tell you the best one from it.
 If you haven't known, I was chosen to represent Singapore for MAKE ME A ZALORA MODEL in September. *Screams* I was elated, I came out of my room screaming to my mum like ' MUMMY MUMMY LOOK LOOOK!!! ' I then called all my closed friends and my boyfriend and everything felt surreal in that moment.
And not too long back, I was rejected in another modelling competition, well, won't want to say what who but maybe I wasn't their type of gal but its okay, now I know I'm Zalora's kinda gal ;))

But yeah, anyway I'm not going to elaborate everything in details just wanted to update my site hehehe. But I'm so thankful that ZALORA Singapore gave me this once in a life time opportunity out of nearly 12 thousands other girls. 
I met 5 other beautiful girls and I'm glad we met in that short time! 

You can read more about us when our questionnaire is out :) !

Btw you can check out 2 of the pics from the event below!

*Photo Credits to its rightful Owner*


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