Thursday, June 9, 2016


" When you're photo shooting and mum calls to check on you "

Hi!! I'm back with a new fashion post!! 

If you have been following my instagram, you've seen this picture! 

And if you'v been following my social platforms throughout the years, you would know how exactly do I style my #ootds. But anyways, for this ootd I tried to go beyond the climate as you know Singapore humidity is extremely hot! Who wears an outwear when its about 31 degree almost everyday? Fashion Lovers ofcourse!! But if you know your material well, you would know which outwear would be suitable for hot weathers, and for this outwear it fits just fine!

For my first outfit, I paired the outwear with this bell botttom jeans, I mean who can go wrong wearing bell bottoms? And in order to make me legs look even longer, I wore heels to lift up the look! You're thinking she must be crazy for wearing such an outfit in Singapore, but It really depends on a person and how well you choose your materials! 

Now lets talk a little about versatility

As for my second outfit, I paired the outwear with this forest green dress and to make the outfit pop more I added a white sandals! You can easily get this look without creating a hole in your pocket! I actually got this dress from a store near my estate for only $6 and to think I managed to make it look like its $60 because of the outwear was the highlight!

 That is why I always tell my readers this quote I made 

'its not about the price or the brand is about how you style that makes you out stand'

So which outfit did you liked best? You can now purchase this outwear from H&M for $50!!! 
And if you scroll down, you can see the exact photo of the outwear!

Thank you for reading! And I hope you love this post!


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