Wednesday, March 2, 2016


" What are dreams when consequences won't let you chase them "

March 2nd 2016 :

Not really sure where to start actually, but here's a quick post to update! 

I'm running out of ideas and time on what to post on my blog. Been finding ways to improve them but just never found the time to actually sit down on my table with a nice cooling drink by my side and just improve this blog of mine. And I find that I've neglect so much of what I love doing just to focus on the reality of life. I really miss so much about what I always do that I no longer seem to find a single time to get back on track and it's really saddening to just see the things you love doing, vanish away. But I know I'll be able to keep track of the things I love doing and just be back on track, slowly but surely! 

And I really apologise for the lack of post, like extremely lack of post! But I'm going to keep pushing and motivating myself to get to site back to live!!! 

Thanks for reading ;


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