Wednesday, June 17, 2015


" Sometimes you need to realize that the pain isn't about losing someone is about holding on to them"

17th June 2015 

Photo shoot day. Went to Victoria Theatre!! It was so beautiful and very minimal hehehehe. So if you're interested in taking some shoots you can venture the place!

Shoot was taken by IIIXET you can check his photog-prahy out on his IG! 
Awesome guy to work with!!! Once again thanks for having me!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


" If you are passionate and devoted about something, he will grant you your dreams "

7 July 2015 :

Hey! It's going to be a long post so mind me alright. I'm gonna elaborate about Saturday, so I went for the walk-in audition for the 2015 NEW PAPER FACE. I was so excited for it I actually woke up at 5 am just to get ready even though the audition started at 2pm that's how passionate I am when it comes to modelling. Long story short, I walked down the runway with confidence and did the best I could, but as I went down the runway, I was left with much disappointment because I stand there in hopes to be called, but I wasn't.... :( I just went out of the runway with a shattered heart and I started crying. I felt so humiliated and I felt like I've failed. It sucks when you fail in something you are so devoted in. Never let rejection be a fear even if it hurts, like a BEACH! 

So anyway, that's not it, yesterday, I was just checking my email and to my surprise, I saw an email from TNP, I was shocked, I opened the email and guess what? I made it to round 2, I was jumping and screaming in much happiness and excitement!! The feeling was surreal and I was in disbelief of course, I guess they made a mistake that day because my friend told me she saw my photo on the table...... soooooo........ YES I made it to round 2 of the closed doors audition! 
Can't wait for the closed doors! 
Wish me luck guys!

Moving On.......

Alright, If you follow me on my social media, you probably would have known that I went for a staycay at Studio M with my hoez! It was sucha great day being able to spend my day with them and to bond!! The hotel was really nice but the room was kinda small though. But anyway, it was worth it!!! I really enjoyed my stay there and they had a really nice pool too :) the breakfast was okay, hahahaha!! I feel really blessed right now in life and I'm glad that things are going great for me and I'm so grateful and happy. Heh!

 But here's all the pics below!!! 

Alright, next post tmr!!!!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day out with my homie

" Put your shades on, embrace what you have and never let the world bring you down"

11 June 2015 :

Hi!!! So basically here's just an update post. Nothing much I wanna elaborate because right at the end of the post I wanna talk about the NYX makeup I bought the other day!! So anyway, I went out with my fav homie to catch a movie! Insidious 3 was sooo good!! Y'all need to watch it but it was scary as hell HAHAHAHA but the whole movie turned out to be a comedy movie for me and Filz because we kept making jokes in the cinema oh god it was sucha great laugh!! But yeah 10/10 for the movie yea!! Alright so that's my #ootd! 

Okay now read about my NYX post!! 

I'm not sure if I've ever told you guys this but I LOVE NYX!!!! I don't know why I fancy NYX more than other brands in Sephora. But anyway, I tried the stay matte and I must say it's been really good!! I love how it gives my face a soft and oil free finish!! Compared to the other compact powders that I've used before, NYX's stay matte has been the best so far and I totally recommend you girls to try it out! And the best part is, when taking photos it gives your face a nice soft look plus it's only $19 at Sephora how awesome right?!?! And oh yes I couldn't get enough of the Matte Lipsticks...... I just have a thing for matte because I find it sassy!!! But yeah you can get them for just $12 at Sephora as well!!! I'm also using the NYX's dark circle concealer because you know how horrendous my eyebags are :').......but I forgot how much it cost :( !! So yeah I guess that's all for today's post!!!! 

Thanks for reading loves!! 


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Welcome back #update

4 June 2015 :

" Sometimes someone is in our lives to change us so the right one will come and lead us "

HI!!! Omg I'm just going to start off by saying sorry!! I was away from blogging/tweeting .....because I wanted to focus on my finals/exams and I didn't want twitter to be a big distraction, and for my blog, I neglected it because I didn't had time to update hahahaha! But whatever to that because it's finally my holiday! A total of 6 weeks break!!!! I am so excited because June is going to be one exciting month for me!!! 
So anyway, if you're following me on instagram you would know about my upcoming flea!!! 


So do come down and support me hehehehe! Also, you will get special discounts from me IF you're a reader! 

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