Thursday, December 31, 2015

Vietnam #shashashenanigans

" Every day is a new adventure " 

December 31st 2015 : 

Hello my lovely readers, here's going to be the first post for Vietnam! For almost a week, I went to Ho Chin Minh City and Danang. But I'll elaborate on HCM first! 

So, I had an afternoon flight and took the Vietnam Airlines. I really fell in love with Vietnam's cultural dresses that is worn almost every where in Viet. I was soo into it I got one for myself hehehe!
Vietnam had been so amazing and if you're planning to have a holiday here in Viet then you made a really good choice! Why do I say so? Because there's so many HALAL food for Muslims like myself to eat! 
And mostly 90% of the Vietnamese in HCM speaking Malay and English. I was surprised at how fluent their Malay are and that's really something new I discovered here out of all countries. And also Vietnamese are really friendly people because they will just randomly ask you 'where are you from?' also Vietnamese are touchy people, by that I mean when you ask them for a photograph they would be so happy and just hug you and not make the photo turn out awkward hahaha! But all is good. 

And if you're planning to shop here in Vietnam is a good choice as their market sells cheap stuff and in HCM they accept Ringgit (RM) how cool right? Which means you can buy more if you change to RM!! How's the market like? Well if you ask me it's just like any other shops in Bugis/Thailand. 

So if you're the kind who prefers to shop and likes adventuring around, then Ho Chi Minh is the perfect place for you!! 

So after my 4 days stay in Ho Chi Minh, I went to Danang it was an hour flight! 
In Danang, you will get to see the Legendary Dragon Bridge and also their Beach! Danang's weather is just nice! It hits a low of 20/21c most of the time and if you're just planning to relax at the Villa/Resort Danang is the perfect place for you! 
And one thing I really love about Vietnam is they have WI-FI EVERYWHERE....... I'm not kidding. Like every shop I go to be it to buy food to buy clothing it's just wifi connected!! Hehehehe!! And the Villa that I stayed in was absolutely stunning!! There are some pics below for you to see!! 

If you have any questions do drop me an email - 

Anyways that's all for my post on Vietnam!! 

I will be going again soon in the months to come so stay tune for more and different adventures!!

This will be my last post for the year 2015 and I want to thanked everyone who has been reading my blog since day 1 and been supporting all I do. I will try to keep improving on my blog and keep doing what I love to do! 

I wish for all goodness to everyone reading this and may 2016 be a happy and wealthy year for you!

Goodbye 2015 you've been truly amazing. 


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Singapore Fashion Runway

" They say walk a road you''ll always remember, and here I am "

15 December 2015 :

Hi! Pheww! My very first post for the month of Dec! As usual, been super packed and busy with my stuff I hardly have the time to be here!! But no worries, I'm finally done with school and also putting aside Modelling for awhile to enjoy my holidays! 

Anyways, I had sucha great time walking for THE SINGAPORE FASHION RUNWAY. It was sucha magical moment to have worn sucha beautiful gown designed by our very own local designers!!! I had 5 segments including the finale which means I had to wear 4 outfits and change them as fast as I could!! It was pretty challenging and very much exciting because there were so many faces that I always see online now live!! It was surreal of course and having to walk the runway is definitely the best feeling of all time because the attention is all over you! 

As for now, I'm going to put modelling aside as I've been busy with it ever since the start of the year and I'm really thankful and blessed for everything that has happened this year regarding my modelling dreams and also want to thanked everyone that was part of my journey and always supporting me thru thick and thin! I'm still very far away from reaching my actual goals but I hope I'm gonna be there, soon, in god's will! But anyways, do check out my instagram in the next following days as I'll be flying off for my next adventure in the nearing country! 

Thanks for reading ;

Friday, November 13, 2015


" Happiness comes in so many ways, and it only takes oneself to own it "

November the 13 2015:

HI!!! Here's a quick update on Prom. Had Prom last night and It was amazing especially getting to celebrate my 18th birthday together with all my friends. I had an amazing time with everyone! My friends and I danced our hearts out to every beat of the song that was played and everyone else on the dance floor too was crazy and I never thought some of my classmates had it in them to dance and be free! Definitely the best birthday I had so far!

 Anyways, thank you to everyone that wished me yesterday! And my dress is from Uniqlo! Here are some of the pictures from last night! Alright that's all for today's post guys hehehe!

Thanks for reading ;


" Blessed with the amazing friends around me thank you for showing me which are the true ones "

Saturday, November 7, 2015

November November

" Everyone hides sadness with a smile "

November the 7th 2015 :

Hello my lovely readers, gosh, I've been away for the whole month of October mainly because I was so busy and caught up with life I didn't had time to elaborate on it. But anyways, life has been pretty crazy lately. Just last month, I won 2nd runner up in the ITE Carrie Models competition. Everything changed after the competition because slowly great things are happening to my life. I managed to be on front page of Berita Harian which was a pretty big thing for me and what's even greater is being an Ambassador for Singapore Fashion Runway, wow. Truly I am happy with all of these minor success and will continue to work harder! Just want you to also continue reaching for your dreams and never give up and take every failure as a motivation and never let negative words and people stop you from doing what you love. 

And woohoo November is finally here and you know what that means right?! Hehehe yes it's my birthday month and what's interesting this year is I'll be turning 18 and my PROM NIGHT falls on my birthday too! Sooo excited even though I'm kinda curious what my friends have in plan gosh! But anyways  do check out my instagram for my birthday dress/prom dress!!

And here are some shoots from yesterday's photoshoot! Thanks to @Triipsss for wanting me to be part of his portrait shoots. You guys can check his work out on instagram!

That's all for today's post!! 
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


" There are days where life isn't always clear, but sooner it'll all be okay "

30 September 2015 :

HI! Had a photoshoot with my babe! Was so much fun! Even-though it was really hazy, the pictures turned out really nice, like just look at the effect it makes the picture really unique heheheh! A big thank you to Zul or better known socially as 'Dvrkchoco' on insta!! Go and check his work! Really cool guy to work with!!

And also a big thank you to ATELIERSG for the bag sponsorship! The bag looks really good and easy to match! It also comes with a sling bag! Ya'll need to check it out on IG!!

Can't wait for next shoot!! 
Stay tuned lovelies!! 

Thanks for reading ;
Enjoy the pics!!