Friday, November 14, 2014

Updates :

" Sometimes life is all about patience "
14th November 2014:
Hihi! Just going to do some updates!! So few days ago, I turned 17! Nothing special turning 17 BUT it also means i'm going to be LEGAL next year.  Hahahahha! Anyway, I had a really awesome birthday! Thank you to my family my friends and of course my dearest boyfriend for completing the day by surprising me balloons outside of my house! And for the gifts that I got and my parents for booking a chalet for me etc. No words can describe how thankful and grateful I am for all of you.


Thank You for reading till here!! Well anyways, DAISYPICKS has made a website! It's now easier for you to browse through their items and checking out their prices etc!! 
I've got my pair two days ago and I'm loving it! Really a big thankyou to daisypicks for sponsoring me!! Oh, and more exciting is, quote "sharxdaisy5" to get a 5% off your total bill! SO HURRY!!! They're having discounts for Janoski Max!!!! 
Here's their website link

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Thank You for sponsoring me the white top! 
I wore it for my birthday chalet!