Sunday, October 26, 2014


" it's the only palace you can own "
27th October 2014 :
HELLO!!!!!!!!!! WOW it's been sucha long time since I update definitely the longest ever! Anyway, here are some room ideas for you ladies out there who are in the midst to revamp your room! 
In the first photo, you can see all the Polaroids being pined onto the board! And a candle right next to it!
Board - $2 from daiso 
Candle - $32 ( if i'm not wrong ) Bath & Body Works  
Mason Jar - $6 from Typo 
For the second picture 
Paris Sticker - Forgotten the price and place. But you can find it in any crafting stores or those japan home stores!
Polaroid paper frame - Got it from those Polaroid shops they have it! Totally forgot the pricing. 
Printed Photos - You can go ahead and print it at best denkies or any other places that has the printer! 
Cost me less than $8! 
Third photo 
Mason Jar - $6 
I placed all my sun glasses! You can put beads in them to stabilize it!
Plate- $3 from IKEA
Cup $2 Daiso 
Last photo 
Stand - $9.90 + black stand $5 each 
Blocks - $3 each from typo! They're having a sale now!!
Paris- Got it as a gift!

These are simple and nice ideas for you if you're planning to do something different to your room!! 
 Alright then thanks for reading!!