Sunday, July 27, 2014

Photoshoot :)

" Every time we smile, it brings out the best of us "
27 July 2014 :
Omg it's been a really really long time since I blogged! So here goes! I've been really busy with school lately till I had to neglect my hobbies :(! Anyway, here are some of the left over pictures during my photoshoot!! Hehehehehe here was how I style MOM JEANS! Really simple and edgy look that I went for! 
Top- Uniqlo 
Mom Jeans- NEW LOOK
Belt - not sure where it was from
Granpa glasses- DIASO HEHE 
I got a lot of  compliment for this outfit!! Heheheh thankyou!
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back to school supply!

" You can't focus without having cute stuff to school ! "
8th July 2014:
HELLO! Sorry for that wacky edit on the photo, I just wanted to make today's post more colorful and cute heheheheh! So anyway, school's gonna start next week for some of us! So I decided to get myself cute pens and notebooks to help me be more motivated for school hehehe don't you just feel contented when having such stationeries with you?? Well anyway here are the things I got! 
ps: I only bought what I "needed" heehee 

Moving on.............

So today I went out and head over to " The Paper Stone " shop. I went CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! They sold so many cute stuff that I couldn't resist I wanted to get every kind of notebooks and pens etc that they had!!! It was kind of expensive for stationeries, but worth the buy! I spent $11 bucks in total........... hehehe. The pens are damn cute they had little crowns and little heart shapes on them!! Though the quality of the pen wasn't 100% good it was alright!! I got myself a purple highlighter as well hehe you know me and my massive obsession over the colour purple!! I bought 3 different shades of purple! I got some for my sist too!! If you're planning to buy things for school you could head over to TPS! 

Moving on.......

If you know me personally or you've been a reader for sometime now, you would already know that I have massive obsession with the notebook sold at "TYPO"! Every year I'll buy new notebook from TYPO, their notebook just gives me this motivated feeling to study etc! I have many more collections of their notebooks kept. Recently I just got myself the A4 notebook! GSS got me crazy! Hehehehhe sadly GSS has alrdy left us :(! But not to worry you can still purchase them at $8! If you're too lazy to head over TYPO, i'll have their website linked below for you to shop yourself some cute notebooks for school!! While scrolling down, do enjoy me posing with my new notebook and also look out for this question that could win you some cute prizes heheheh !Well alright then I hope you're preparing your stuff for school too and happy schooling! 
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ps: Thankyou Cotton On/Typo for these amazing notebooks hehehhe!

What are three changes on my BLOG that I have made over the month of June and July?
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Questions & Answers

 " Questions & Answers "
6th July 2014:
Well hello!! I'm going to do a post on Q&A ( obviously ) hehehe. So recently I've been getting a lot of questions. I try to answer them on my askfm and e-mail but the same questions kept coming in. So I decided to just compile the most get questions and answer them on my blog instead.

1) Where do you mostly get your clothes from?
Tbh, like I said before, I don't have a fixed place on where I buy my clothes. It can be from anywhere I go to. If it's nice or if I happen to want something and the shop sells it I'll get it. Nowadays I've been shopping at NEW LOOK! I recently got a pair of mom jeans ( do read up on my lasted post ) I only buy from high en shops when someone wants to treat me hehehehhe! Or if I have extra cash!

2) Do you have Carousell?
Yes I do! My username is _cccvvv_! And I'm still having a sale.

3) Who is brace-face?
Many a times I get asked this a lot HAHAHA. He is my boyfriend!

4) How did you met brace-face?
I met him in the bus on the way to school HAHAH! You know that moment when you see a cute guy on the bus and you're like omg who that who that. I was exactly like that HAHAHAH.

5) Do you follow back on IG?
It depends, I only follow back if you're someone I know or if you're from my school or if you're a girl. HAHAHAHA! It also depends on my mood. If I feel like I want to follow you back, I will. Or if you're a reader why not!

6) How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging since I was 12. I used to had a blog in which I talk about my day in school. It was horrifying when I read back because of the way I type and the horrible used of grammar AHAHHA. And from then on, I started taking blogging a little more serious. 

7) Why business course?
The reason why I chose business as my course is because I had very serious interest in it. I started having my own mini business when I was in primary 3. I used to sell my things and accessories to my schoolmate and from there the interest grew bigger and bigger as I turn older and I'm still selling things online and in fleas as my hobby and it may not be a hobby any-more but a living when I get older!

8) Do you worry about your future?
Of course I do! Someone crazy only will not worry about his or her future. 

9) Will you do a You-Tube Channel?
That question is still stuck in my head. Honestly I am not sure. I mean like I want to, but who will watch? I want to be different. I don't want to me that girl that does a video just like anyone else. I want to be different in sharing my views and my life to people. 

These are the 9 top question that I get recently! If there's anymore questions you want to ask feel free to askfm me or email me!! Heheheh I hope you had fun reading my fact HAHAH!! If it was boring I'm so sorry.....!!!
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


" keep the classy throw away the trashy "
1 July 2014:
HELLOOOOOO! Its already July!! Half a year just gone like that. Anyway, I'll just  be posting on my buys yesterday!! I've been looking for MOM JEANS for sometime now!! MOM JEANS are very expensive, well to me it is. But luckily NEW LOOK was having a sale and it only cost me $20 bucks :') from $60 to $20 is a big difference for me hehehehhe the photo of the jeans are below!! It fits me fine and the jeans are really pretty. If you followed me on twitter, I did mentioned about the holographic shoes that I got!!! I have like this mini addiction for holographic nowadays!! Anyway I bought that at Far East Plaza for $40 bucks hahah!! And I've alrdy know how to dress mom jeans and the shoes etc!
I'll be posting on "WAYS TO STYLE MOM JEANS" soon so if you want to read about it do check on my blog once in awhile!!!!! 
Thanks for reading!!! 
Like usual any questions just me!!!
* Do scroll to my last photo *

I'm having a everything must go sale at carousell!! 
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my username is _cccvvv_ !!!
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