Thursday, January 30, 2014

Flea Market Update ;

31st January 2014 :
WOW! My last post for this month!! Damn time sure flies fast! So anyway, just updating on my Flea Market!! So on my prev post, I mentioned about having a Flea Market!! I'm super excited for it !! So I'm going to answer some questions here !
1) How much will your items be ? 
A: Ranges from $2-15 !!

2) What are you selling?
A:  My clothes, bags, knickknacks, accessories and many more! 

3) How do I get there?
A: Just look out for a school call Monfort Sec! It's opposite the school, you'll see this yellow-ish block infront of the school! Buses avail, 74,161,88,147,101! 

4) When and What time is your Flea ?
A:  Date: 9 February 2014!!Time: 8am-3pm!!

5) Venue?
A: Block 698C at Hougang St 52 #01-29 Singapore 5333698

6) Would your readers get a discount if they spent more than $15/20?
A: YES! But, you have to proof to me you're a reader!

7) What are you wearing to your Flea ?
A: Something very simple and comfy!

Alright that's basically the extra few questions that I didn't answered cause I wanted it to be shown here!
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


" If I had a choice, I wish I didn't meet half the people I've  met in life "
28th January 2014:
Hey, let's just elaborate on school and then to my "thoughts"! So anyway, had school today, as per normal always having the best time with my bestfriendzone clique hehehe!! Didn't saw him today, hahaha awwwww :(! But nvm I'll see him tmr. Okay okay so basically today I've been feeling rather down and I've no idea why!!?? Like the feeling of being left. Lol. But whatever, I'm still blessed to have my besties with me in class so heck care about those who are shit to you okay? And if you're feeling what I'm feeling cheer up cause life's too short to focus on what you cry on, but to focus on what makes you smile! Hehehe I love you all. 
Hehehe well thanks for reading!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

hiiiiiix updates

" They said I could be anything I wanted to be, I chose to be happy, and I wake up everyday smiling"
27th January 2014:
Hello my wonderful readers! Thank you so much for still being such a loyal reader and still coming to my blog and reading about my daily ( so called ) post these days. I mean like without ya'll I wouldn't reach till 6.7k in a day! It was just 6.6k yesterday and now it's about to reach 7k!! Omg. So anyway, school today. Yes, school! It was great like usual had so many laughter's with my classmates hehehe never fail to make me smile!! Stayed back after school to finish up my project, thanked god I managed to finished it before deadline!! Anyway, I've been asked what I'll be selling in my FLEA MARKET! Well i'll be selling away my clothes from my blogshop,accessories, bags and many more!! Cheap cheap for sure lah!! hahaha so singlish! So do come and support me okay!! Hehehe I'm so excited !!! Oh and I got to know that my freshmen party falls on 12 Feb!! Awesomeeeeeeee! Alright, I'll blog again when I'm free!! Do ask me questions regarding my flea market on askfm ok! 
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Updates for you x

" Every picture taken is a memory "
26 January 2014:
Halo, wow been awhile I blogged zzzzzzz. Okay anyway let's elaborate on yesterday! So went out with Sya, Hyrul and Solihin! Went to Changi Point and then Bugis! Met up with the two boys at Changi Point lol we we're late so we took a cab there HAHHAHA the whole journey to Changi Point was so funny HAHAHA So anyway, hyrul surprised Sya with gifts for their 3rd advanced monthsary cause hyrul was afraid he couldn't  make it on the actual date. So anyway we sat on this swing thingy at Changi Point rooftop it was so fun swinging on it with the cooling breeze but yet the sun was a killer!! Hyrul and Sya we're so sweet together like hey hey HAHAH! Then took selfies with my babe and selfies with Sol HAHA!! Then we all headed to bugis to walk around! Basically that's that. Hehehe anyway I'll be having a FLEA MARKET soon! Selling away my unwanted clothes and many more!! So do come down to support me 
Venue: Block 698C at Hougang St 52 #01-29 Singapore 5333698
Time: 8am-3pm!! 
Date: 9 February 2014!!
Spread the word okay!!!!!! Selling for a really cheap price!!!! I'll update more on it soon!!!
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


" If only mirrors could reflect on everyone's emotions deep inside "
Halloooo! School today, like usual it was great and tiring. Had a talk for about 2 hours in the early morning but it was alright hahahah! So anyway, just wanted to elaborate on my day and fyi I just woke up from my nap so that explains the posting for today cause somethings I get so fatigue too even get up from bed!! Really the tiring feeling though it kills. HAHAH but ya nonetheless I spend everyday in school with a smile! Hahahaha! Well guess that's all for today! Oh and DAISYPICKS16 has opened another NEW BALANCE Preorder to go order your New Balance now!!! Heheheheh!
 Alright thanks for reading love you guys!!!

Oh and here's my instagram name
@sharmintzxc @sharmintzxc
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Monday, January 20, 2014


" Life is full of colours "
20th Jan 2014:
Hey, school was okay today. Wasn't really myself though for today. Anyway had a talk and ended really late. tsk bad luck shar lah today. School tmr, zzz. Hate my lecturer! Okay that's all for today!!! But laptop is dying and I'm lazy to charge bye!!
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Sunday, January 19, 2014


" doesn't matter what brand your kicks are,  just walk with style "
19th January 2014:
HELLO!!!!!! OMG OMG SO SORRY FOR THE LACK OF POST!! I've been really busy with school and been so tired lately :( I just didn't had the energy to actually blog. But nonetheless here I am!!! Anyway, I went out to JB with my mum! Had a great time with her though lol I experienced such weird stuff today! HAHH so anyway, there's school tmr yay yay yayize! Can't wait to see my classmates!! I've missed them a lot tbh HAAHHA! I'm always in my best moods when I'm with them tbh cause idk they just make me smile so much nowadays in life!! I've never seen life so colourful before!! Hehehe well okay, time to head to bed!! Hope you have a great day in school tmr and take care!!!
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Ps: here's some pics x

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


" You never realize such amazing people until you've known them "
15th January 2014:
Hello!  Wow, it's been awhile since I blogged and THANKYOU FOR THE 6k readers!! Gosh THANKYOU!!! So anyway, school has started for me and I'm so exhausted everyday coming home. But nonetheless I still had such a great time with my new classmates! Though I didn't expect to meet such people!! It's only been 3 days and the bond we have is like as if we've known each other for years!!!And I'm really happy to be in the same class as them they basically have the same personality as me!!  Love taking selfies love laughing love disturbing each other HAHAH damn I'm so blessed to have these people though I only know them for like 3 days! Oh wells, anyway I had a really great time today!! HAHAH especially at the auditorium!! Me and Syara had a great time disturbing Kyle!! HAHA sorry HAHAHA! Alright will blog again soon!!! 
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Saturday, January 11, 2014


"One can never have too many shoes? WRONG!"
12th January 2014:
HELLLLOO! Just got my shoe today!! Thank you a dozen to DAISYPICKS16 for sponsoring me! I've tried them out and they're really comfy!! Easy to walk in and the design is nice as well!! If I'm not mistaken they're for either $29 or $28!! But currently NB shoes orders are closed!! But they might be doing another order soon!! But nonetheless VANS are available for order!!! 
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oh and here are more designs on the lenses!!!!!!!!! 
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" memories are a beauty " 
11 January 2014:
I'm pretty sure you guys are wondering why I posted a photo of my family ( not completed btw ) it's cause today's my dad's birthday ( Happy Birthday Papa Love you ) so this was one of the picture that I like a lot! Hahaha and yea many of ya'll did asked me to post a photo of my dad and here you go. And the baby is me ( obviously ) hehehe. Okay so, went for an engagement thingy today at Bukit Timah! And guess who was there? Yeap baby Mikayla! Damn she's a cutie!! Hehehe so that's actually all for today's post! Anyway keep reading, there's another post below....

Moving On............

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