Monday, December 30, 2013


" it's not just about hoping for a good year, but hoping you'd changed for the better"

31st December 2013:
Hollas! Officially my last post for the year! Basically it has been a great and awful year to be honest. There were so many ups and downs that happened throughout 2013 and I'm blessed for the good times and I've learnt from the bad ones. And I can't wait to start a new year with a whole different environment of life. Without further or do let's get started with today's post!

So yesterday on, I was asked to post about my favourite product and how to dress with a high cut converse shoe! But very sorry, I can only do 1 topic today! To the person who asked me about high cut shoes, I'll do it soon so do check it out!! Hehehe so anyway I was too lazy to actually took photos and uploading it so I just Google-d myself the pictures!! ( Thank you Google ) Ps: I do not own this pictures!!

 Product 1 :
//EyeBrow Pencil from Essence\\
Basically if i'm not wrong, essence is a new product line?? But anyway! I bought this about a week ago for only $3.50 ( if not mistaken ) and I love it!! It has this brush to help me brush my brows to the shape I want!! It's available at Watson!

Product 2 :
// Baby Lips by Maybelline \\
Omg! I love baby lips! I've been using for about a year now! And it's definitely a must to have! It doesn't just prevent you from having chapped lips, it also has this very nice berry smell!! And adds glitter-ness to your lips!! Heheh but now they have another type " Dr Rescue" that's obviously a way better one!! But both are about the same quality!  
Ps: I forgot the pricing

Product 3 :
// Powder from THEFACESHOP \\
Okay, I've been using this for the past 4 years now and it's the best thing ever. It gives my face this really clean and flawless touch whenever I use it!! And I don't know if they're still selling it!! If you noticed, in my previous videos I did used this product for about 2/3 times! Cause it also somehow prevents me from getting pimples!!! 

Product 4:
I personally LOVE NYX!!! It's my most fav brand so far!! Though it's kinda expensive. But anyway, this is the red hero lipstick by NYX and I've been using this for sometime now and even my friends love it!! It may look all watery but when applied to lips it makes itself look like it's matted. But it's not really matte though! I don't know the price cause my aunt gave this to me!!!

Last but not least :

//The Magnum express mascara from Maybelline\\
Tbh, I'm not really a fan of mascara because it's always very sticky and whenever it smudge on my eyes it makes everything into a mess! But nonetheless it really helps to give my eyes a non sleepy face and makes my eyes stands out the most! And yes, this is actually one of the best that I've used so far. Previously I was using Revlon!! But this works well too!!

I hope I've answered most of your questions!! 
Anymore questions or requested post do let me know on my  anytime okay!
Well, that's all for today! Thank you for reading and have a great end to 2013! I wish you the very best for 2014 and a good year ahead for all of us!! And yes I would like to thank my readers for their support and for reading my blog post every now and then love you ya'll!! I hope to make my blog more interesting in the months to come! Heheh alright till here,

Outings :-)

" If you knew what would happen next in life, are you prepared to face it?"
30th December 2013:
Hey, the second last post for 2013! Alright, anyway, went to town with my clique ( accept sya haish ) cause her mum didn't let her out. Anyways, met up with my two girls today! Been so long since I saw najla haha miss you girl! We hugged in public and people were looking muahaha! So then headed to eighteen chef for lunch! Then Irfan ( zylah's date ) tagged along! At first it was pretty awkward but he's a cool guy! Hahah and extremely annoying! So then walk-walk and basically as usual took selfies! I had another plan today but it didn't happened. Though I was really looking forward to it, haish but nvm. So anyway, saw some people I know today!!! Hahaha! So basically that's all! Haha alright then till here!
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Sunday, December 29, 2013


" Whats better than food on the table "
29th December 2013 :
HI! Woa, exactly 3 more days to 2014! That's just fast. Time sure flies fast huh? Haha okay anyways, went out today with my aunt. Lol she wanted me to address her by her name in my blog. AHAHA! So went to had some desserts at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar! First time trying it and I must say it's awesome!!! You guys should try it out!! I went to Vivo's btw. Also had butterscotch drink!! Its so yummy omg!!!!  Hehe so anyway got myself a pair of Vans! Well actually I wanted to get myself superga, but the colour I wanted wasn't avail and their shoes weren't as nice as they are in photos! :(( I'm so disappointed though. But nonetheless I got myself a tribal printed shoes from Vans and I'm so in love with it!! Big thankyou to my aunt for it!! Hehe well basically that's all!! And omg my blog reaching 5k?? It just hit 4k 1 week ago!! Ahhh so happy!! Alright thanks for reading!!!
Love ;

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sponsorship Lenses

" Beauty isn't just about the outside it's whats within us "
28th December 2013 :
Yay! My lenses are here!!! Thankyou so much to my two dearest friend Eunice and Ella for sponsoring me these lenses! Anyway, I've tried all three of them and I must say it is awesome! The first time I tried these lenses my eyes didn't even hurt at all. It just naturally fixed itself in my eyes and done! Didn't felt any soreness after taking them out!!! Unlike other lenses I've tried before, these lenses are pretty good and they're really nice!! SO GO AND GRAB YOURS TODAY!!!! AT DAISYLENS16!!!
You can find them on Instagram!!! 
Do support them!! They're really nice and their products are all really nice too!!
And the prices are reasonable too!!!
  Any questions do direct them to me 
or Ask me a question at askfm!


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Thursday, December 26, 2013


" Cause everything you do is magic "

26th December 2013:
Hey!! Omg I'm getting more and more obsessed with these boys! Basically just downloaded more of their songs in my Iphone! Hehehe so much love for it! Anyway, checked for my school and course results! It's still under process though. Damn I hope it's gonna be a "successful" result. If not, die. Haha jk! So anyway, I'm really excited for school though I'm really scared of a new environment! I mean who wouldn't right? But yeah have to be brave!! And to add, New Year is coming!!! That's so fast! It's like another 5 more days!! I'm so gonna miss Secondary School life. :( I've yet to start a new school but I'm already missing SS life. Haish! But that's life huh? We have to move on from where we are eventually. Hmmm! Well I just wanna wish goodluck to those whose going Sec5 or to those whose going Poly/Ite! Remember to study hard okay! Heheh
Thanks For Reading and I love you all 
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Basically just a random photo of my leg AHAHAH

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas !!!

" 1 smile can hide a thousand tears "
25th December 2013 :
Hey! Here's my #ootd for Christmas!! Just a simple white dress with black detailing! I love it! Thanks to my aunt for getting it for me!! So basically I went to my Grandma's house to celebrate Christmas! I had a really great time with my family today as I don't always see the other half of my family. But anyway the food was amazing as usual! I had some cake made from my grandma's friends! It tasted yummy as hell! And not to forget my dearest cousins made coconut mini cupcakes with cream cheese!! That tasted really yummy!! Hehehe took some photos with the family hahaha my uncle feeling feeling model xDD !! Ended the day watching "Home Alone" with them all.  Currently watching sad Malay love movie!!!  Well alright that's basically all for today's post. As usual I can't upload my video here and I'm so pissed off. 
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve!

" Jingle Bell Mermaid Man Smells "
24 December 2013 :
Hahaha that caption was from one of Spongebob's Episode! Hehehe! So anyway, tmr is Christmas! The day many people whose celebrating it are waiting for! As for me, I'm just excited for the food my grandmother is gonna cook! I hope it's steamboat again!!! Hehehe so yesterday I did a video on Christmas Product and Accessories that I'll be using tmr but sadly the vid cannot be uploaded! Meh :(( !! But anyway i'll just talk about it then, so I've been asked what I'll be wearing for Christmas, here's a hint it's a dress and its white with some black detailing! Hehehe yup! Since last year I already wore red, I thought why not I go white this year! So if you wanna know what's gonna be my #ootd for tmr!! Check out my instagram!! :-)) And I can't wait to see my followers posting about their Christmas OOTD!!!!!!! Hehehehehe maybe I'll vlog about tmr if I can post vids through my blog! Some has asked me to start a youtube channel but I'm too shy and afraid to actually :( maybe If I get enough support I would? hahahhaha!! Alright blog again soon!
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Outing :-)

" Fashion is Love "
20th December 2013 :
Hey! Wow time sure flies fast now does it? Hahaha! It's alrdy coming to the end of the year!! Anyway, I got my results yesterday! Though I'm kind of disappointed with my English results, I still think in overall I did my best. And to those who've passed congrats!! And to does who didn't it's not the end!! Okay enough of that!!  So basically today, I went out with my clique, as usual met Sya first to get starbucks!! YUMS!! Then met up with Zylah Hehehe finally after idk how many weeks we met again!! Gave them a big hug!! We didn't really ate, just me ( hehe ) then played T or D at Mandarin Gallery then had a great time laughing and all!! Took photos too! And oh! We met two really nice girls today that helped us took a photo!! Got their twitter too :P Then we just walked around and window shopped! Saw some of my twitter followers too though. Then charged our phones :P heheh oh! We also had florick today!! Town was super happening today!!! Heheh alright that's all for today's post!!
Oh and just to say my blog has reached 4 thousand readers over the past 2/3 months!!! And i'm so so happy and blessed!! Thank you so much to all those who've been reading my blog and giving me good feedbacks!! I hope you continue reading it!! 
Much Love from