Saturday, November 30, 2013

End of the month/updates ;

" Hello December "
30th November 2013 :
Hey! Yup it's finally the end of the November! Well not yet but almost so here's a post for the last day of November.
Basically what I've bought/got on November
A geek crop top from my beloved clique member ( thankyou x )
Two skirts from Cotton On 
Turquoise Jeans from Cotton On
Black flats from a local store 
HW Jeans from scape underground 
A polka dot dress
A white sheer top 
Okay basically that's all for the month of November ( as far as I could remember what I got HAHA )
Okay just to update on ya'll I've soooo many plans for this coming December!! And i'm trying very hard to upgrade my blog so it'll be nicer and share with ya'll more and answer your questions! Cause I honestly love answering questions when it comes to fashion wise or like opinions on what you babes wear! Hehehe and i'll be away this coming Friday for a short getaway! The good part is, i'll be vlogging where I'll be going!!! Omg I'm so excited!! And launching my blog on the 4th of this coming month too!! There's so much in my mind right now!! And I wish I could share everything with ya'll but shhhhhhhhh :p !! Okay that's all for this post! And regarding to those who've asked me questions on askfm thankyou!! 
Alright till here thanks for reading 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Outing/Updates :-)

29 Novermber 2013:
Okay so hey! Went to haji lane and town with my clique! Like it's been so so long since we actually met and stuff! Alright so, went to La Maralle ( No idea how to spell ) I must say the cafe sure is colourful haha!! It's a welled designed cafe indeed!! I recommend ya'll to try it out!! It's somewhere near the Sultan Mosque. Okay then I finally tried macaroons!! If you've never tried them before it's like a chewy soft cake lol HAHAH!! But really it was nice!! And oh! The Oreo cheesecake was super yummy!!!! Haha and the guy worked there gave me 10% discount hehe! Okay then headed to Orchard Central with the clique! Had a short photo session. Then headed to eighteen chef for lunch! Hmmm it was really packed today! :( unexpected! Then we had a good talking session and some catch up session at Madarin Gallery!! Played T or D !!! HAHAH So funny!! Well that's all for today!! Oh and some were asking where I got my outfit for today!
Top: Bugis Street ( someone at the back part of bugis )
Bottom: As said in my prev post got it at scape underground!
Bandanna: Daiso :p 
Bag: LV lol it's a friend of mine!!!
Honestly everything caused me about $35/40 for my ootd (accept the bag)
Price doesn't matter, it's about the confidence and creativity in you! 
Hehe I received great feedback on askfm and I'm very thank-full for it!!
Oh and don't forget to check out the last photo of this post! 
Thankyou for reading!!!

5 MORE DAYS TO THE LAUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Updates x

28 Novermber 2013 :
Okay so, here's the picture of the jeans I got from scape underground! This photo was requested by an anonymous ask-er from! Hehehe it's super nice!!! I totally recommend ya'll to go get it! Hehehe okay anyway just to update a little 
Hehehe i'm so excited for the launch!!! 
I'll have the link to my blogshop at the side bar of my blog!!
And to start of my blog, prices ranged from $5-10 !! 
And and!! A lovely friend of mine will be joining me in this blogshop! 
Well alright then thanks for reading!! If you have any questions don't hesitate to askfm me!!
Well toodles !

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Outing :-)

Sugar spice and everything nice ;
26 November 2013 :
Went to town with my girls today! ( Zylah not in picture because she didn't like taking pics ) okay anyway!
Went Orchard then to Somerset and to Scape! Stop at forever21 for a selfie haha! Then headed to Starbucks!! Drank the Vanilla Latte with raspberry syrup! It taste just like coffee but the sweeter version I guess? ( lol cause I added 3 packets of sugar HAHA )
Alright then headed to Eighteen Chef for lunch!! Ahhh favourite shop ever in town when it comes to lunch! Got the pasta with black pepper! Yummers!!
Alright then headed to scape underground to shop! Bought a pair of really tight fitting jeans!! Love it!!
But sorry I didn't took a picture of it :-( !!
If you want to purchase it, it's for $21.50 they're having a sale on the jeans.
Get it from Alescere !! ( stated on the plastic bag )
Okay then headed to Orchard Central for some photo session! Photos below!! Well that's all basically! AND OH!! I got myself a new Iphone Casing!!! Omg so much love for it!! It only cost be $3!!! You can get it at cineleisure level 2 !!! Alright that's all for today !
Thanks for reading 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Just today

*Sorry for the bad quality*

So today got my pay :pp !! Damn! I had to wait for like an hour to queue just to get my pay! The queue was insane!!! Hehehe but nonetheless it was worth the wait! Okay so I brought my mum and sis out today! Treat my mum dunnkin donut and my sis some games at the airport! Had a pleasant time indeed with them! But sadly along my happy moments, a shocking and sadden news that breaks my heart and brings me to so much tears. But life is about moving on from this world to another. And I learn that no matter who the person is, we have to appreciate them. 

My ootd! 

Just to say thankyou for being a great friend a great step cousin. I had the best times with you and your sister but it's time for you to go, go back to our creator. I'll see you again someday, and that someday we'll be flying kites again together. Al'fateha to my dearest Hidayat Fikri I love you
Rest In Peace you innocent soul ~

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Just a quick update!! 
Alright I decided to have a blogshop again! Since I have tons of clothes I no longer want though. And there are some clothes that I don't even use! Here's a sneak peak of what I'll be selling! I'll launch the blogshop soon :-) 
Do spread the word!!!
Thankyou xoxo

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Outing :-)

So hello guys! Went to bugis and haji lane with my girl today!! I had a great time being pris's model for the day :b hahaha! Thankyouuuuuu so much for today though it was freaking hot as hell!! Hehehe saw a dress at topshop and it caught pris's eyes and mine!!! Heheh shall totally get it once I get my pay?? Hahah!! Walked around and tried some clothes! Mostly we camwhore thats all! Okay enjoy the pictures! 
thanks for reading 

Amazing dress from topshop!! I WANT IT

Saturday, November 16, 2013


" friends they always have an end "
Oh hey. 
Basically I didn't blogged for awhile due to working!! So anyway, I started work alrdy and I must say I didn't expect it to be fun actually!! It's a total shock though meeting such friendly and nice workmate! Thought it was very very tiring I did had a wonderful time! But I'll be putting aside F&B for retailing now because that's more to me! Hehehe..... 

Have you ever felt like you suddenly don't matter to anyone anymore for no apparent reason?? Like suddenly someone totally treats you like you're some kind of a stranger. Hahaha sometimes we thought the people we think are gonna be there always are the ones who leaves first. That's life huh things comes unexpectedly but it's okay in life we replaced it's a cycle live with it.

Thanks for reading xx

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!

" Happy Sweet 16 " 

Hi Hi !!

As you all know or may not, today's my 16th Birthday and yes it's the absolute best birthday ever!! I had a wonderful time at the chalet with my classmates!! And I'm so happy !! They sang me a birthday song in which I've never gotten before from such a crowd!! Hahaha today has been a grateful day indeed for me. Went home with a surprise from my mum and a little card from my younger sister! Thankyou is all I can say!! And not just that, I also got so many wishes from my followers both in IG & Twitter !! Thank you so much to my followers for the wish I really am speechless at how many wishes i've received. Anyway I went to Vivo City with my mum for my birthday treat!! And last but not least, an unexpected surprise from my best guy friend haha I'm still speechless though and I can't thanked him enough for the gifts he's given to me. I love it!! Alright thanks for reading ya'll xoxo

" The older you get, the wiser you get "  

Anyway here's the photo of my class chalet and today's ;

Oh and here are wishes from my 4 most important friends <3 

Goodbye ;