Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Training ;

" A positive mind brings positive thoughts "

Okay I know the picture above isn't relevant to the title for today but I thought hey why not I just post this. Haha okay anyway.....

So yesterday, I went for my very first training at the TCC office. It was a great but totally tiring day for me! Firstly they briefed about the importance during your working days. Second they told us what are the requirements in certain hotels etc. Overall I think the training went smoothly! But it was kinda tiring though cause we had to stand for like about an hour. Gladly, the trainees there were pretty funny friendly and nice! ( thank god ) and the people whom applied were also alright! Hahaha can't wait to make new friends though. Well okay then shall update more soon! But sadly I won't be very active due to my working days but I promise to update when I have the time! Thankyou for reading xoxo

" My mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings you little butterfly"

Saturday, October 26, 2013

What to wear for an interview?

" I wanna run away, far away"

Hey !

Wow it's been some days since I last blogged! Let's get started..... well first thing first, I went to apply a Job yesterday! And thanked god I was accepted for it! Super happy and satisfied with the job I got. Training starts next Tuesday! Though i'm really stocked about it, I'm still kinda reluctant about it. What if I mess up? There's so many negative thoughts running through my mind now!! But oh wells it's all about the experience anyway! haha!


I'm sure many of you girls out there have no idea what to wear for an interview or when you want to go apply a job. Well I went for a simple yet teenage look! Putting a blazer already means you're serious about getting the job you desire. But, if you don't own any blazers, just wear a simple dress with flats! That would make a good impression of the person you're applying with. But it's all up on how you wanna dress. Just don't put on jeans!! Goodluck anyway to you if you're planning to work and if you already are, have fun and stay safe! Well that's all for today. Thanks for readings xoxo 

" Wherever you go always remember where you came from "

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tips and fashion wear for work outs ;

" No pain no gain "

Hello Good Looking,

Hitting the gym ? But have no single idea what to exercise or wear to your work-out sheesh? Well in today's post, I'm here to share to you ladies on my fashion wears and exercise I do during my work out days! Let's get started.........

First :

You wanna make sure you wake up super early on the day you're planning to work out. Because waking up early is good for the body and also helps the brain to functions better! Waking up at 8.30 am should be alright. But make sure you have at least 8 hours of sleep before heading out to the gym. 


You wanna make sure you shower in hot-cooling water in the morning. Not too hot or cold! After getting out of the shower, you're wondering " what the hell am I supposed to wear omg help ". If you have any shorts that are meant for sports, use them! ( fbts etc ) or if you're the conservative type, you can use pants just like those three ladies up there! And for your top, get something comfortable and something that would absorb your sweat. Or if you're confident, you can use those sports bra's! Ps: Don't forget to take a cardigan with you! For shoes, it can be in any type of sports shoes like " running " or just " footwear " but I advice, if you're gonna do some jogs in the morning do wear those running sport shoes cause it will be much stable than normal sports shoes. 


Are you planning to gain that sexy abs? Well for me, abs is one of the hardest to gain. Totally. It took me some months to finally obtain abs. But mine isn't as solid as other's. What I do first is warm myself up. Then forward to crunches and sit ups. I do 10 reps for each work out! It's helps a lot. Okay next, if you want those sassy ass, you can do squats! Doing that every 2 days can gain you nice ass for sure! Do about 25-50 every 2 days and you're bound to see a difference! BUT MAKE SURE you have lots of rest and DO NOT force your body to work out when it's in pain because your muscles are just starting to stretch and getting used to the pain. Don't torture yourself give yourself at least 2 days break before starting on another work out day or you can do work outs every Friday & Sunday !   

Last (not least) :

You Might want to have a balance diet in your meal. DON'T GO ON DIET! It's not a good thing. Just make sure you eat tons of fruits and vegetable consume enough proteins and vitamin, your gonna be looking sexier than ever! Dieting is never recommended in my terms because honestly it doesn't help. But dieting the healthy way does! Which is exercising and eating foods that doesn't consist too much fats and oil! 

Alright thanks for reading and good luck in your working out sheesh! xoxo

" To obtain something you need to go through pain " 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting over someone ;

" We tend to wait for that someone but we know it's just useless and disappointing"

So hello, I wanted to talk about something different today that consist of everyone of us. Guys or Girls we all will fall into this kind of situation someday and here today I'm here to help you all out there how to move on from that "someone" and how to avoid your feelings towards them and what not to do........... well continue reading!

Alright,  first thing first. We tend to stalk that someone we love/like don't we? We want to see how their day is going and stuff. STOP that. You have to know that stalking them is a huge sign that we're still not over them aren't we? Another huge sign we're still not over that someone is when we WANT to start a conversation with them. Stop. It's a really bad decision to start a conversation with your ex or with someone that you tried getting together with but failed. Next, delete away their photos in your phone. DELETE! Even any conversations with them. If you want your feelings towards them to dispel even quicker, deleting any memories with them is one of the best ways. Next, talk to someone new. Maybe another guy/girl. Talk to them and start hanging out with them and getting to know them better. That will distract you from thinking about that one particular person that you can take forever to think about. Have sometime with your friends/pals/clique. Having time with them would distract all your sadness about that someone away. Or doing something you like would get them off your mind! Or going for a short getaway with your family! A time with family is one of the best solutions.But DON'T do stupid things to attract that ex of yours. Like for instance ; drinking alcohol. Sheesha-ing and all kinds of nonsense! That would probably make your ex think " pathetic much? " the best thing to do is to make your ex FEEL like you're COMPLETELY happy without them. So being happy is the best way to just forget about your ex. And if you're lucky they might just want you back. I've been into these situations before and i'm proud to say that I've overcome those bad memories with my ex. And here I am today with a smile everyday :) ! And I believe that all of you out there can move on. So remember, it's never the end when you lose someone you love a lot, it just means that god ( or in any of your beliefs),  has someone BETTER than that someone you love/like. It's all a matter of time! SMILE AND BE HAPPY! And if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm here always! Direct me a mail  heheh Thanks for reading xoxo 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Job hunt ;

Baby when they look up at the sky we'll be shooting stars just passing by :

             Gosh today's been a very tiring and heartbreaking day for me! Why? First I went to find for jobs in which I was rejected most of the time for my age. Just because i'm not exactly "16" yet. I mean like hey i'm turning 16 anyway one of the days. Why must pass 16 then can qualify for a job? I mean its really hurtful going around asking for vacancy then they're like "sorry you have to be 16" gosh i'm so pissed off. Totally. And going around asking for a job sure ain't easy. Totally not! But oh wells......... had a great time though with my friend Mirah! Hehehehe. Anyway one of the shops did took down my name and number........ I hope they call me one of these days!!!!!! Cause I totally need a job cause I need money fast. Haish! Okay then that's all for today's post! And today I got to know something that really changed my impression over someone......haish it hurts thought but whatever goodnight.... Thanks for reading!

" I thought you were different but you're just the same "

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New nails !!!!!!!! ;

*sorry for the very bad quality*

Went to did my nails yesterday! So happy with the results. Got my nails painted in the colour vibrant pink? ( not too sure) as you all know my second most loved colour happens to be pink in any shade. Hehehe. Got mine painted @citynails. But note! Always ask those aunties to colour your nails for you. Why? For they are MORE experience and the results would turn out wayyyy better than any of those workers whose pretty much in their early twenties. Trust me! Yesterday my aunt's nails didn't turned out the way she expected and she got pretty upset about it. Alright thankyou for reading xoxo

Sunday, October 13, 2013



Well today has been a pretty boring Sunday because I didn't even went out. Just stayed at home and did some cleaning in my room and some work out session! Been awhile since I got my body working on some exercise!! I can't wait for the weekdays to come! Can totally go get a job soon! :-) Alright will update again soon!

xoxo shardiana

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Farewell to the exams!

Exams are finally over! Woohoo! I'm so happy that it's already time to party! Hehehe! As for those who've yet to complete their exams, all the best xoxo!! 

There's so many things in my mind right now!! I'll update more nowadays!!! Lots to do during this 3 months break before heading back to school next year...............hmmmmmmm so nervous for my results!!! :-( But all the best to those taking back their results on 16/12/13 !! All N's candidate!! Alright till then, xoxo

" this night it fading take me home with you "

Thursday, October 3, 2013

How I style ;

Okay so a friend of mine asked me how I style denim. So this are some simple yet fun ways to style denim! First thing first, I love denim. It's like an essential in my wardrobe! So anyway, you can wear denim with denim pants and denim high top converse like what I'm wearing on my first picture above! NOTE: NEVER EVER WEAR SHORTS WITH DENIM OR DENIM SHORTS WITH DENIM. 
It doesn't bring out the denim at all. So wear something that's showing off your denim. But if you don't like the "denim boy-ish" style, you can also style denim with this denim overlay/dungaree  I bought at bugis! Hehehe. Matching it with a simple plain white top is the best! Because here i'm trying to show off my denim and I want my denim dress to be the center of attention! Hehehehe. But it's really up to you how you wanna dress your denim! As long as you have confidence that's pretty much it! Alright next I have this denim top that I paired with my Levis Jeans.
I wanted to be a little sophisticated! heheh so I paired it up with a simple caramel brown bag! And a spiked flats that I purchased at rubi! Hehehe and last but not least, the dressy way to style denim. So pick out any dress that has patterns on it and grab your denim jacket and you're off! This look is totally my personal fav! hehehe it's really an elegant way to dress denim! Do spread this blog to all your friends! Hehehe thankyouuuuuuuu! And I hope i'ved given you some ideas! xx