Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yesterday ;

 #Ootd #drinkOftheDay #LootsOfTheday 
Hellllloooooooooo!! ^-^
Another day has past, look what I got! Some notebook and a pink earpiece! Totally lovin the stuff I got. You can get the notebook at TYPO for a really decent price. And yes that's the "cotton candy" drink that I bought yesterday with @nxrsyasya my dearest! Hehehe. And what I'm wearing is the grey sandles with just a plain white top and studded shorts. Well at first I wasn't wearing those shorts, those were my friends!! Hehehe mine was a blue denim shorts ( check out my instagram ) !! Alright that's all :-)
                                                                       xoxo - shardiana -

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Update ;

So recently, I've been away haven't I? Hahaha it's been really long since I updated. And I do miss updating about fashion and all. So yup I'm finally back! But I won't be active as always for I'm doing my National Exams this year! Alright so anyways, I'm currently addicted to creepers and dresses with sheers !! They are absolutely beautiful !! Hehehe will give a quick update again soon :-)

Goodnight xoxo