Saturday, October 13, 2012

Outing with loves ;

  '  When i wanna tell you how i feel my heart turns to steel '
 Yesterday I had a great time with my girls, we went to Orchard ( ION ) and walked around in town. Great day indeed it was. Took photos with some random people !! Haha we even took a shoot with A & F 's Model!! OMG he has baby skin!! Damn he's a cutie :D hehehehehehe that was my very first time taking a photo with a model and an american guy!! hehehehehehe really loving that moment :D 
Then we went to Scape and Cinie then we went to the flea!! cool stuff  ( pictures below ) hehehe and we went to Orchard Central as well :D!! hahaha well that's all for yesterday! Since Exams are over ^.^ hehehe alright then till here!