Thursday, September 20, 2012


       Loots for September ;
HELLO! So erm here's the things I got !! ahahah there we're more but i was just too lazy to upload and edit them so here's a quick review of my items ! Body shop lotion and lip balm , cottton on top! And the shorts was a DIY! It was actually just a plain 3/4 pants , i chop it off and added in some studs!! Thinking of selling this away ! if you want them, direct them on my twitter ;))) @sharmintzxc !! Oh and yea you can now Update Twitter and Iphone IOS 6!!!!!!!!! How cool! ;D okay then till here
  sharmendiana xoxo

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back To Posting ;

             Someday I will find my way back to happiness ;
Coco and Nutella, Hello! Okay sorry for not updating much recently busy busy busy. So okay, here's some pics from my latest activities for the week! Hmmm my "SHOPPING SPREE DAY" became a disaster as i was just packed with other stuff till I had to time to shop. I'm so sad but maybe I'll stop by C.O tomorrow to get the maroon skinny's ! Been dying to get one! Okay so enjoy the pics and I'll post my Hauls on the next post ; stay tune         

       Sharmen Diana