Saturday, October 13, 2012

Outing with loves ;

  '  When i wanna tell you how i feel my heart turns to steel '
 Yesterday I had a great time with my girls, we went to Orchard ( ION ) and walked around in town. Great day indeed it was. Took photos with some random people !! Haha we even took a shoot with A & F 's Model!! OMG he has baby skin!! Damn he's a cutie :D hehehehehehe that was my very first time taking a photo with a model and an american guy!! hehehehehehe really loving that moment :D 
Then we went to Scape and Cinie then we went to the flea!! cool stuff  ( pictures below ) hehehe and we went to Orchard Central as well :D!! hahaha well that's all for yesterday! Since Exams are over ^.^ hehehe alright then till here!



Thursday, September 20, 2012


       Loots for September ;
HELLO! So erm here's the things I got !! ahahah there we're more but i was just too lazy to upload and edit them so here's a quick review of my items ! Body shop lotion and lip balm , cottton on top! And the shorts was a DIY! It was actually just a plain 3/4 pants , i chop it off and added in some studs!! Thinking of selling this away ! if you want them, direct them on my twitter ;))) @sharmintzxc !! Oh and yea you can now Update Twitter and Iphone IOS 6!!!!!!!!! How cool! ;D okay then till here
  sharmendiana xoxo

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back To Posting ;

             Someday I will find my way back to happiness ;
Coco and Nutella, Hello! Okay sorry for not updating much recently busy busy busy. So okay, here's some pics from my latest activities for the week! Hmmm my "SHOPPING SPREE DAY" became a disaster as i was just packed with other stuff till I had to time to shop. I'm so sad but maybe I'll stop by C.O tomorrow to get the maroon skinny's ! Been dying to get one! Okay so enjoy the pics and I'll post my Hauls on the next post ; stay tune         

       Sharmen Diana

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I'm going to get ;

       Whats in my wishlist ? ;
HELLO. Decided to do another post before school starts tomorrow. These are the items that i'm planning to get when shopping ! Okay so it's a good idea to list down the things you want before heading out to shop. It's a good way to sum up your money. So you will know how much it will cost you in total. In this case , everything above would cost me for than $60 apparently :( I was dying to get the galaxy fringe bag and the sweater. They're selling it near Orchard Central so i'm gonna head down there to BUY whatever's on my wishlist! Die die must get #goje #dontscared okay till here lovelies ,

                                                                           Sharmen Diana

Spike Loafers ;

Too pretty need to get one ASAP ;
Hello ! Okay hey, so I've been searching on line for this Topshop spike loafers ever since i first laid my eyes on them!!! The first time i saw it was from this youtuber ! I then just fell in love with it! I was thinking to get one online but afraid it wouldn't fit me as i'm a size 39 or 40 (depends on the cutting) so I didn't went to order them. I wouldn't want to waste $35 bucks on one! Some we're selling for $22 though. So I saw many bloggers saying this could be found in bugis/city plaza well i'm gonna head down to bugis and city plaza during the holidays to get one pair !! yay! Okay so i guess that's for today's post! Till here ,

                                                                           Sharmen Diana

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Loots of the month

  Loots of the month ;
Hello! As you can see the tittle it's time for the loots of the month every month I'll post up loots of the months photos and where I got them how much i bought. Okay so let's get started so apparently i was so obsessed with the asymmetrical dress and skirt. Those long shorted kind of dress and skirt or so called as "fishtail" so i was dying to get one and finally after months i finally got mine. It was for $20 bucks tough. I guess it was worth it. And I was also obsessed with this boots above! It's a so called Doc Martens inspired boots! I've been wanting this since months ago and finally i got them !! Satisfied with it and i'm super happy! Got it for $25.90 after discount. From MADABOUTSHOES! Okay well will update soon ! Till here ,


What to expect when shopping?!

So, what do you expect when you shop? You expect the product to be cheap and affordable right? And you even expect the sizes to be just nice and not having small cuttings nor big ones. We ladies expect high quality of material. You don't want to pay $50 bucks for a top that is super small for you and it's material is just not up to standard. Well always go to shops which sells cheap things but also has a standard for it's material.
Places to shop below $60
- Forever21
-Cotton On
- New Look
These places have pretty outfits but yet cheap!
Even cheaper places are mostly found in Bugis!

First Post

           Introduction :
Hello! And welcome to my blog , thanks for visiting! Hehehe I hope my blog helps you with some tips and tricks on both fashion and photography. If you have any questions please direct them to my twitter account or to my facebook! Will show all links soon. Now currently under construction. Till here xoxo